English to Bengali Translation

The Indo-Aryan language Bengali is the national language of both Bangladesh and India. About 98 percent of Bengalis fluently speak the Bengali language while it also has the second-highest number of speakers in India, preceded by Hindi. Moreover, the number of Bengali speakers is rapidly increasing in the Southern Asia-Pacific. Hence, this language is the seventh most widely spoken language in the world with a number of over 250 million speakers.

Having said that, we found it necessary to form a Bengali translation committee. And here we are, a group of experts of both English and Bengali languages. So, do you have any documents in English that need to be translated into the Bengali language? Or, do you want to have your Bengali document translated into the English language? Have you been facing trouble finding a certified translator of Bengali language?

Well, if that’s your problem, we are proud to announce that we can be the best solution for you. We translate documents ranging from academic certificates, marriage registration certificate, death registration certificate and birth registration certificate to legal documents and more from English to Bengali and from Bengali to English as well.

If you are interested to use our translation service, we can never let you down as our success lies in our clients’ satisfaction. Moreover, if you want to have your documents translated from English to Bengali and or Bengali to English, we exercise our motto of easiest, fastest and quality translation service.