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Our Services

Nepali Translation Services

Because we are native Nepali translators translating documents from English into Nepali, we are able to better accomplish your Nepali language translation needs. We can translate any kind of documents from English to Nepali and vice versa. We have a database of over 100 Nepali translators who have been into the business for decades. We also provide editing and proofreading service.

Nepali transcription service

We have a team of very best Nepali transcribers. We transcribe the videos and audio with time codes. We can even transcribe the videos or audio directly to the targeting language, thereby saving your time and resources. Our transcriptions have been flawless and prompt.Please contact us for further information or for ordering our transcriptions services.

Other language services

We provide translation, interpretation and transcription services in all the languages in the world. We have maintained a healthy, accurate and quick team of freelancers in over 200 languages. We also provide editing and proofreading service in these languages.



We are a Nepalese language translation company, specializing in South Asian and other languages. Along with translations, we offer content creation, DTP, proofreading, and website designing services. We prioritize quality and assign projects to specialized linguists. The work is reviewed by our editors before delivery, and we compensate our professionals well to ensure top-notch work.

Some of our clients

About us

We are the first language translation company of Nepal, comprising of a team of linguists who have been into the translation industry for years. We are especially proficient in the translations of South Asian languages, with native command over English Nepali, Bengali and Hindi translation.

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