Nepali language services

Nepali Translation Services

Because we are native Nepali translators translating documents from English into Nepali, we are able to better accomplish your Nepali language translation needs. In fact, this agency was established to save Nepali Language. To control the mushrooming poor Nepali translations examples if not stop them and to help the clients make productive and financially correct decisions, we have even started  Save Nepali Language Project which provides a free Nepali Language Translation Assessment services to few desirous clients every month.

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Nepali Interpretation services

If you are planning to visit Nepal, it is likely that you might fall into a linguistic trouble. We provide the best interpreters to help you meet you goals. We provide native escorts interpreter, court and interview interpreters. We have a team that can rightly cater you to any of your language needs and many Nepali interpretation needs. Our Nepali interpreters boast of extensive experiences and know-hows as we adopt the greatest wariness in picking up the interpreters. Do let us know your Nepali interpretation needs that arise in Nepal, we provide you with the Nepali interpreters accordingly.

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Nepali editing and proofreading services

Definitely, translation provided by a translator is not devoid of errors.  The errors are very common in Nepali Language translations as there is a plethora of examples of translation outputs given by the non-native Nepali translator which clearly shed light on the translator’s inability to handle relative clauses and compound sentences. There are even some common errors.  We can help you with your editing needs whether the text are Nepali or Hindi or English or any other languages under the sun.

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Translation of National Nepali Languages

There are over 100 languages spoken in Nepal, some are still in practice while the others are on the verge of extinction. We understand the loss of a language is a loss of national treasures. We are always more than happy to work with the professionals who want to research and do something to protect the dying languages. Recently we have worked with the University of Zurich for their CLRP ( Chintang and Puma Documentation Project) that aimed at saving Chintang Language.

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