Indic Language translators wanted

Dear translators,

We are a translation and publication company based in Nepal. We partner with several European and American companies and therefore, have regular work in Indic languages. As we are updating our database in the Indic languages, please let us know if you are interested in working with us.

We are looking to add new partners in the following languages;













And all the Indic languages

To be eligible to work with us, you must;

  • Be a native speaker of the target language.
  • Have immaculate English. (We dissuade speculative translation)
  • Have experience of at least two years.

Selection procedures

  • You must submit a sample translation along with its source.
  • You must submit an English essay of not more than 200 words on any issue related to language. The topics of essay may include but are not limited to;

Freedom of freelancing

Challenges of my language

Wrong challenges killing my language

Experience as a translator

Demographic experience of your language

Literary translation

On the following expertise

  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Transcription
  • Editing or proofreading
  • Language teaching
  • Localization
  • Or anything you are expert at.

Any other thing related to Language.

Please try to limit your essay to 200 words so that it will be quicker for us to assess your ability. Ând  Make it original.

You will be selected on the basis of the sample and the essay. Please write to us at if you are interested or if you want to learn more about it or if there is anything else.