The concept of a translation agency changed!

This article is dedicated to the translators who have applied for the post as a various language pairs translation.

We’d like to thank you for your support and willingness while taking this opportunity to let you know that we are finally open to clients now. We don’t mean to say that we were closed for any language translation projects earlier. All we mean to say is that as we have already created a database of efficient translators, our focus will now be on enhancing our client base, in more clear words, on growing the number of translation projects we take up every day, thereby creating fruition of your efforts.

Like we have been saying we are not the bugs, who suck the translators who put efforts on Unicode and RTF translations by sparing what the translation company should get as a commission-based company and by keeping the larger portion of revenues to themselves. Our understanding of a translation agency, therefore, is quite different from generally held a misunderstanding which advocates- you register an agency and get a job done by a translator and then when it comes to paying you to pay a meager share.

The exploitive perception, however, is changed now. We pride in being a translation agency in a purer sense. We not only attribute success to your efforts but also entitle you with about 80 percent of revenues. For example, if you do a project of 10000 words @$0.06 per word, you will get $480 in your share. Isn’t it revolutionary and incredible?

Sure it is, all we have to say to buoy you up and make you believe us is that our agency structure is not flattened by the organizational hierarchy. We have got a team of a CEO, two efficient project managers, and an accountant. We believe 20% of the commission will be more than enough for our subsistence.

In return for our generosity, we expect constructive cooperation, constructive in a sense that you will be allowed to quote on a project in the hope that you will come up with a fruitful deal for both of us and that you will be requested to come up with the flaws in current translation trend.  And we are going to cash on them. You and we!

We had been wondering why the translation rates are getting down while rates for everything else was getting up. Insight in this regard we have had is that the translators themselves are devaluating themselves. Some applicants who contacted us specified that they are ready to work at as little as 0.75 Indian Rupees per word. We deem these offered rates to be irresponsible. We believe if you work at the rates, you won’t display a sense of responsibility, which is what the most important part of translation quality assurance is.

In the meantime, we don’t mean to seem an expensive agency for clients. And we are not any way either. All we are trying to tell is that the clients should be ready to pay reasonable and ethical rates to keep maintaining the required standard. Do you know many translation agencies in the US can’t employ translators who work at the rates under their standard?

Finally, we thank you once again for your willingness to join our team and look forward to working with you in the future.