Statement Of Purpose (SOP) Writing Service in Nepal

Are you planning to pursue a foreign degree? Have you found a university of your choice? Do you think you are financially capable to translate your dream to study abroad into reality? What about your language proficiency level? Even if you have satisfactory answers to all these questions, your admission to college or university is not guaranteed yet. You have one more obstacle to overcome: Writing a Statement of Purpose (SOP).

A Statement of Purpose, also known as a personal statement, is a vital piece of writing which can be a decisive factor in your admission to a university. Your SOP tells the admission committee of the respective university who you are, what your academic aspirations are, what professional interests you have, how the graduate program, you are applying to, will help you achieve your dream.

In your statement of purpose, you have to clarify who you are and what makes you an eligible candidate for admission to the university you have chosen. Through the write-up, the admission committee gets to know you and they will decide whether to acknowledge the value you might add to the classroom.

Regarding the length of a Statement of Purpose, there is no universal format because it is determined by various factors. Different degrees require you to write different lengths of SOPs. For example, the statement of purpose for an MA is different from that of a PhD. Likewise, different subjects and, most importantly, different universities have different criteria for writing a personal statement. For instance, SOPs of law students, nursing students, engineering students, arts students or students of any other discipline differ from each other.


Bhasa Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a private company that has been helping students, regardless of nationality, to make their dream to get a foreign degree a reality. Based in Nepal, we have been known for our quality and affordable write-ups, including statement of purpose. We have hired highly qualified, experienced and dexterous writers to ensure that not a single student gets rejected from the respective university.


Preparing a Statement of Purpose can be a daunting task to most aspirants of foreign degree. Fortunately, you do not have to quit your dream as long as Bhasa Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is at your disposal 24/7. We have been providing SOP writing service to hundreds, if not thousands, of students every year since its inception. It has been a huge privilege for us that we get to add some final yet crucial bricks to the success of Nepali and foreign students willing to get a foreign degree.


  • We value the time constraints that students have. Hence, we adhere to the deadlines and submit the Statement of Purpose days before they need so that they can go through the document as many times as they wish.
  • Cost effectiveness is another value. Our SOPs are original, accurate, free from plagiarism and errors, and at the same time suitable to your budget.
  • There is nothing that makes us happier than the celebration of our client’s success. Our writers undertake wide researches before drafting any Statement of Purpose in order to maintain the quality and standard of the assignment.