Save Nepali Language

The Nepali language is sweet and profound in its accuracy. Of late, however, we have seen poor translation attacking the originality of Nepali language.  This happens particularly because the translators who are not aware of very simple Nepali language grammar do the translation into Nepali. You might wonder how a language which has over 20 million gets damaged by this type of poor translation.

The answer is no, the damage caused by poor translations to a language is negligible. Yet, we, at Bhasa Nepal believe that it is a serious matter for language professionals and the clients alike. While the former faces unhealthy competition in this career advancement, the clients, on the other, will see their investment going bust in the future if not now.

Therefore, the team at Bhasa Nepal has decided to offer a free of cost Nepali translations evaluation services. However, due to our busy schedule, we offer this service to a limited number of clients (10 clients) a month. The condition is that the file already translated from English into Nepali you want to evaluate should have at least 1000 words. All you have to do is provide us with the file. You will get a response. Don’t be afraid of confidentiality. We are even ready to sign a confidentiality agreement if necessary.

We sound philanthropist, don’t we? Yes, we are because we love the Nepali language in its purity and originality. We are also commercial. When we evaluate the projects, we also hope to grow our client base.

How do I know your evaluation is correct, you might be wondering. Our answer is that we value good translators and quality translation.This is our ethics, this is our motto. We make sure that we do not call on translators’ career. Come believe us once, come let’s work together for saving the Nepali language. This will be fruitful to you and us alike.