Publication of ‘Representative Nepali Short Stories’

Dear writers,

If you don’t have a platform despite your authorial marvel you have, we have good news for you.

As Bhasa Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has started up its venture of the annual publication of the best short stories written in Nepali titled a representative Nepali Short Stories, we’d like to request you to submit your short stories. Please send us your best unpublished short story(ies).

Submission guidelines

  1. The story should be written in Nepali, having at least 5000 words and proofread. The story should be unpublished.
  2. A brief background of the story writer, contact address and a photograph should also be sent along with the story/ stories.
  3. A writer can send up to three stories. But only one will be selected for publication even if all of them happen to meet our criteria.
  4. The story must be sent electronically to
  5. Anyone writing in Nepali, residing in any part of the world can submit their stories.

Our team of editors will pick up the stories that will go for publication and each selected story will be awarded with Rs 2500 and subsequent royalty. Likewise, the published writer will also be given 5 free copies of the publication.

If you have any concerns, you can contact Mr. Sandesh Ghimire, the coordinator of this plan at 9841196811 or email at

We are excited about reading your poem.

Bhasa Nepal Team

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