Precise and Professional English to Hindi Translation Services

With the widespread globalization all over the world, gone are the days where people would be succumbed only to their own locality, attached only to their own roots, cultures, and languages. In the modern world, people of different origins are spread all over the globe ergo. It is, therefore, vastly important to establish a bridge so that people can communicate with each other conveniently. That is where the translation comes into play. We make it play roles for you for your Hindi language translation needs.

With more than 200 million speakers, the Hindi language ranks the third most widely spoken language universally preceded by lingual giants like Chinese and English. This language is not only limited to India but also is quite popular in many South- East Asian countries along with countries like West Indies, Australia,  Canada, America and so on. Its pervasiveness makes it imperative that we learn it as a decent way to communicate with a large group of the population. However, you don’t have to learn it in a literal sense, for the services we provide for English to Hindi translation serves all your needs. Our company, Bhasha Nepal, is one of the few leading translation service providers operating in Nepal, is specialized in many translation services including Hindi to English and English to Hindi translation services.

Our team comprises of dedicated, distinguished Hindi language translation experts, cultural advisors along with interpreters, all of whom are extremely proficient in their relevant fields and are committed to providing reliable translation outputs as per your need.

We strongly believe that the integrity of a translation agency operating in any part of the world vanishes when their priority lies in gaining profit for themselves rather than focusing on the well-being of the translators. Hence, our focus lies on retaining the best linguists. The most important part of it is- this ‘best’ness comes under budget and quickly.

We would also like you to know that we have worked with scores of prestigious companies and clients from all over the world, thereby providing them with unbeatable quality and gaining long-standing faith and credibility for English to Hindi translation. Our services are not limited to translation or a singular service. We provide the following services too;

Hindi Simultaneous Interpretation

Editing services for Hindi.

Hindi Consecutive Interpretation

Content creations in Hindi language

Human Resources Solutions for Hindi

Transcription including transcribing directly into Hindi or English.

Linguistic Validation services for Hindi

Typesetting and Graphics services for Hindi

Voiceovers and Subtitling for Hindi

Hindi E-Learning Support

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