PayPal Solutions for Nepal

PayPal payment methods are one of the most used payment methods in the world. However, not everyone from every part of the world can use it. One of the countries where PayPal sign up or PayPal viability is nil is Nepal. While you can sign up for a PayPal account from Nepal, you can’t upload money into your account. Nor can you withdraw money into your Nepali bank account. (We truly hope that our new government will look at this issue for the betterment of all the online workers and shoppers of Nepal).

Despite the unusability of PayPal in Nepal, being able to use it or pay or receive money using it is a great plus particularly because it is a must-have platform for a business or an individual who deals with international clients or who imports goods from all over the world. Add to this, our obligation to be present online via a website has necessitated us to have a PayPal account so that we can pay for our domains and hostings. Also, having PayPal access also makes it easier for us to access social marketing. If we don’t have access to it, we are likely to lag behind or be in a fix as to what is next.

We are here to help you with our PayPal solutions. Our packages will help you pay for the following goods and services. This international service comes to you at an affordable cost.

  • Domain registration solutions: We can help you pay for all kinds of domains. Suppose you decide to buy a domain from, say,, or you want to renew your domain, but you are unable to do so because of the lack of access to PayPal. All you need is to be in touch with us.
  • Hosting solutions: Many people might not know that they can get faster hosting service at a cheaper rate. To be honest, the amount we spend on buying the hosting services from a local reseller can buy a many times better hosting service if we buy it from an international hosting service provider. Those who know this are still unable to exploit this option because they don’t have access to PayPal. The same holds true when it comes to renewing or switching the hosting services.

Our PayPal solutions targeting all the hosting issues will give you great relief. 

  • Social Marketing solutions: In this age, social marketing is a crucial marketing venture in that it gives us strong coverage/access to our clients at an unprecedentedly cheaper rate. It is more so in the context that more and more people are getting into the social networking spaces. Taking the need to target the audiences available on social networking sites such as, into consideration, we have come up with this solution. We have served scores of clients by being their Facebook, Twitter marketing partners.

You can read about this service here

  • Shopping and Purchases solutions: In this globalized world, international shopping and purchases are common. So is the existence of people who can’t access this shopping spree because they don’t have access to paying for the services. If you need help paying for the goods and services you buy online, contact us. We will be able to help you.
  • Send money: Needless to say, in Nepal it is very hard to send money to our friends and family who live abroad no matter how dire situations they are in. While we warn you not to think of us as a Remittance Company, we help you send money to your friends. To learn more about these services, please contact us.
  • Other services: We can help you pay for all kinds of goods and services as long as your seller accepts PayPal.