Notarized translation services from Nepali to English

As we are constantly positioned to take public services, there is always a high demand for notarized translation services. Whether you want to go abroad or you fall into some legal problems in an align land, you will usually be destined to look for translation services with notarization.

As the only translation company based in Nepal, providing Nepali to English translation with notarization, we have also noted the refugees, particularly the Bhutanese refugees in the United States, France, UK and those who seek asylum in these countries continue to strive for better documentation so that they will be able to remain the countries.

We are here to help you with the notarized translation of your supporting documents, primarily focusing on ensuring unbeatable accuracy and comparative affordability, thereby enhancing your probability of success in your endeavor.

The team of notary publics experts at Bhasa Nepal is capable of handling translation of the following documents.



Recommendation letters

Marriage Certificates

Birth Registration certificates

Death registration certificates

Letter of threats (i.e. threat of violence, displacement, extortion etc)

Letters from relatives

College Application letters


At the meantime, if you are a student wishing to pursue higher education or career in the foreign lands, we can help you with the writing of the following.

College Application letter

Recommendation Letters

Financial Aid and scholarship letters.

The languages we serve into exceed over 100 while our primary focus will be to provide Hindi to English translation with notarization and Bengali to English translation as well as Nepali to English translation notarized by native notary public professionals.

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