Nepali to English and English to Nepali Literary Translation

We have seen the emergence of a good deal of literary figures in Nepal who have written great literary masterpieces. Moreover, we have also seen the rise of Nepali writers writing in English and they are doing wonderful from their respective places. For instance, we have always praised the literary creations of Laxmi Prasad Devkota in the Nepali language but none of the so-called intellectuals has been able to translate his works for the big mass. On the contrary, so many great English literary texts have been translated into Nepali but none of them has been as impactful as they should have been. Nepali writers writing in English like Manjushree Thapa and Samrat Upadhyay enjoy big fame among English readers. Again, their texts are yet to reach those readers who can read only Nepali.

Hence, the void we have been witnessing since the beginning is Nepali to English and English to Nepali literary translation. For exception, Nepali readers often mention the novel Aama which is a Nepali translation of Maxim Gorky’s masterpiece, Mother. But it is no time for us to be content for a couple of fine translations.

We believe that no time is better than now to put our effort to uplift Nepali to English and English to Nepali literary translation. To address the paucity, we have been doing painstaking research on both Nepali and English literature. In addition, we have also formed a group of the finest bilingual linguists.

As a matter of fact, we have already started working on the translation of some Nepali novels into English. Since Nepali to English and English to Nepali translation is more of a passion than a job for us, we promise to give wonderful results. So, you can remember us for the translation of any number of Nepali and English novels, novellas, poetry books, plays, essays, and short stories. We accept the fact that it is a huge challenge for anyone to translate Nepali literary texts into English and English literary texts into Nepali. In the meantime, we also accept the challenge and work toward promoting and upgrading the quality of translation in Nepal.

We translate: 

Nepali novel into English

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Copy editing for Nepali literary texts

Copy editing for English literary texts.