Official documents translation in Nepal

Now get your official documents translated without having to come to our office.

(हाम्रो कार्यलय नआइकनै अब आफ्नो कागजात अनुवाद गर्नुहोस्)

As you go on moving, you will get conditioned in such a way that your official documents need to be translated from Nepali to English or English to Nepali. Add to this, notarization or certification of the translated documents is equally important. (For example, the mandatory MRP provisions made it imperative for Nepalese migrant workers who have been working in the Gulf or Malaysia to get Nepali their citizenship card translated into English so that they can procure MRPs from where they are working). And you wonder- where can I get my citizenship translated? Or how can I get help in translating my marriage registration or birth registration certificate? What about the translation of a property paper or a legal case, academic certificates even?

We have answers and solutions to your worries. And our offer is unbeatable in terms of affordability. Needless to say, the quality of the official documents we translate is excellent. While our official documents translators focus primarily on the quality, they also pay equal attention to keeping the formats. The good thing about our service is that we provide notary services as and when required.

In short, if you need to translate one of the following documents, we can be the best fit for your requirements;

Citizenship card

Birth and death certificates

Marriage certificate

Migration certificates

Academic certificates

Property Papers

Voters registration card

And anything that has been issued by the government

And you don’t need to come to the office to get your job done. All you need to do is scan the document you want to get translated and send it to us at We will quote the price within an hour. If everything goes well, your document will be ready the following morning. Our staff will visit your location, you will pay him and get the document. As simple as this!