Legal translation services

Legal translation is a rather sensitive effort as a minor verbal mistake might cause a great misunderstanding because interpretation plays a major role in determining how the law is going to apply. It is therefore imperative that you hand your source documents over to an efficient company that is specialized in accuracy and precision and is a known name for keeping confidentiality.

Our legal translation team into Nepali or from Nepali boasts of the qualities required for a flawless translation as it comprises of the native lawyers, advocates, and legal professionals who have been in the business for a long time. These closely picked linguists work rigorously to ensure that we deliver error-free and par excellence products, thereby helping you secure the expected result from the legal translation.

Although our primary focus for this domain is to provide you with English to Nepali legal translation and Nepali to English Legal translations, we have got equally efficient legal professionals specialized in English to Hindi and Hindi to English legal translations as well as Bengali to English and English to Bengali. In addition, we also provide legal translation services in Indian, South Asian, and major languages of the world.

In short, we translate the following types of documents;




Court documents (Verdict, orders, subpoenas -)

Official documents

Financial statements

Acts and regulations

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