Human resources translation services from English to Nepali

As over two million Nepalese workers live and work in the foreign lands, there has been a remarkable need for abridging a linguistic gap. Needless to say, most immigrant workers don’t read, write and understand English. In the lack of proper communications, it will be hard for the companies to get the things done.

We are here to help you with the translation of human resources materials. While we primarily focus on English to Nepali human resources translation, we are also pioneers in English to Hindi and Bengali human resources translation. We use native and professional translators to meet this end. In gist, we translate the following documents in the human resources domain;

Compliance documents (Helps the workers understand the rules and abide by them)

Safety at workplace documents (Helps workers be safe and agile with the perfect understanding of safety manuals and techniques.)

Manuals and perks related documents

Training related documents

Documents related to insurance

Employee and employer contracts

Websites and many more

Please feel free to let us know if we can serve you with the English to Nepali Human Resources translation or with any other language pairs in the same domain.

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