Nepali to English Document Translation

Whether you are applying for a job, facing a legal case or studying abroad, it is mandatory for you to have bilingual documents. Moreover, you need to have your documents like citizenship card, academic certificates, marriage registration and birth registration certificates translated into English while moving abroad. Likewise, you also need to have your English documents translated into Nepali while moving from abroad to Nepal. But the problem is your documents are either in Nepali or in English only. It shouldn’t worry you though as we are here to provide you with professional document translation services.

We translate any kind of your document both from Nepali to English and English to Nepali. And it is a professional translation service from a government-certified translation company.

The additional advantage of having your Nepali or English documents translated from us is that you do not need to meet us in person. Actually, we do not even require you to come to our office to have your documents translated. What we do, instead, is to ask you to send your documents through e-mail and we return you your translated documents to the same address. In addition to easing the translation of your documents from English to Nepali and vice versa, we also save your time and respect the deadline. We will confirm the price immediately after reading your document and we also make the payment method as easy as it can be.