Chinese to Nepali Translation services

With more than a billion speakers worldwide, Chinese has the largest number of speakers. However, despite its geographical proximity to China, there are a few speakers of the Chinese language in Nepal. Lately, the demand is growing for Chinese guides in Nepal. The number of Chinese learners is slowly increasing but the number of those who can do Chinese to Nepali translation can be counted on fingers of one hand.

Seeking a creative solution, we have formed a group of translators who are experts in both Chinese and Nepali languages. Actually, our service dates quite back and we have been a leading government-certified translation company in Nepal for over a decade.

So, do you have any type of document that you want to have translated from Chinese to Nepali? We basically translate language, so you can provide us with any type of Chinese to Nepali translation work and your job is done before the deadline. So far, we have translated several technical documents, INGO proposals, and more documents from Chinese to Nepali. For which we gained phenomenal responses from our clients.

Be it personal or organizational documents, we value our clients’ needs. If you are planning to study in China, we are here to translate all your Nepali documents into Chinese and deliver them before the deadline. Moreover, if you have any legal paper that needs to be translated from Chinese to Nepali, you will never regret choosing us.