Back Translation services

Very few people are familiar with the term ‘back translation’. It is the practice of translating a translated text into its original language. Bringing a translated document back into the original language sounds pointless, doesn’t it? Well, it plays a vital role in the quality of translation. It is often performed prior to sending the translated document to the respective client in order to ensure the quality of translation. Moreover, clients might also choose a different translator to perform back translation, often without letting them know it is back translation. Finally, the original document and the back-translated document are compared in order to know the quality of the translation. Documents are also back-translated in order to address the colloquial differences across cultures.

The back translation sounds fun but the reality is quite contrary to it. A back translator should possess expertise higher than that of a translator. Clients trust back translators because they assume that they are better linguists and it is a requirement as well.

If you have any translated document of any language that you want to have translated back into the source language, you will find no better place. We have a network of expert translators, who regularly perform both translation and back translation, in different parts of the world. Hence, it has been too easy for us to deal with and serve clients belonging to different linguistic communities.

If you have a document in the Hindi language that was translated from English and you wish to have it translated back into English, look no further. This, however, is just an example. As a matter of fact, our clients of back translation range from languages like English, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Dhivehi, Nepali, Bengali, Latgalian, and so on. We do back translation of academic certificates, registration certificates (of birth, marriage, and death), legal papers, visa letters, literary books, just to name a few.