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The first Nepali translation company committed to providing unbeatable translation, interpretation, transcription and editing services for all South Asian languages including Nepali as well as for other major languages of the world from Nepal. Contact us at

Nepali translation services

The first and only translation agency in Nepal, we exceed your expectations whether you need Nepali to English translation or English to Nepali translation. Our Nepali translators with the experiences of years in various domains are capable of fulfilling your Nepali translation needs thereby providing you with the returns as desired by you. Our translators are capable of handling projects pertaining to any domains or specialism. We believe in delivering the best. I just don't claim, but we prove what we claim.

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Nepali Interpretation services

Are you planning to visit Nepal and wondering if you will fall into language trouble? Are you conducting a research about Nepal and do you need a Nepali interpreter? Or are you a journalist who wants to interview a personality who doesn’t speak English? We have a team that can rightly cater you to these needs and many other Nepali interpretation needs. Our Nepali interpreters boast of extensive experiences and khow-hows as we adopt greatest wariness in picking up the interpreters. We provide a tailored service to various Nepali interpretation needs.

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Hindi Translation Services

We have overly specialized team of Hindi Language translation experts. The reason behind our ability to retain distinguished Hindi Language translation experts is that several Hindi Language translation professionals operate from Nepal. This ability is additionally growing up particularly because we compensate the linguists specializing in Hindi Language Translation and other language translation experts with the most competitive rates. We are the best in terms of quality, affordability and post translation services.

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We have been very satisfied with your services as we continue to have positive results on our business due to your Nepali translation services. Dr. YC Sharma, YAD Nepal, a NGO committed to wellbeing of youths in Nepal